Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs

CAHEP Mission, Vision, and Core Values 


The mission of CAHEP is to enrich the teaching and learning experiences of students and faculty in the Association's constituent Higher Education Programs within North America and around the world. The mission is also to facilitate exchange among program coordinators/directors, faculty, students, and other interested members of the Association and externally. 


CAHEP aspires to enhance the Association's reputation as a major contributor to the advancement of postsecondary education within the United States and around the world as manifested through the teaching and learning enterprise evident within our Higher Education programs. 

Core Values 

As a Council of ASHE dedicated to Higher Education Program excellence, we value: 

  • Creativity and innovative thinking in the pursuit of our mission and vision; 
  • Research that informs program delivery; 
  • High standards of quality in the various forms in which programs are structured and delivered; 
  • The critical role of coordinator/director leadership in achievement of our mission and vision; 
  • The unique and varied needs essential to the preparation of administrative leaders, public policy leaders, and teacher-scholar leaders; 
  • The centrality of the teaching and learning enterprise within our programs for the advancement of postsecondary education; and 
  • The graduate student voice in our work and efforts.