Mailing List

ASHE Membership Mailing List Policy (10/8/2019)

Membership Mailing List Request Guidelines

Mailing List Availability: Two Types:
1) Research
2) Promotional

1) ASHE members
2) Non-profit
3) For profit
4) The ASHE Board and committees have the right to use the membership list without payment. The ASHE Board and committees have to submit the documents sent to the membership to the ASHE Office and have to be in compliance with research ethics and non-discrimination policies

1) ASHE member--$100 (Requests for a membership mailing list at the ASHE member fee, is restricted to requests by individual members for personal research purposes. The fee is not applicable to organizations, businesses, etc. of those members. In the instance that the request is for the business, then the Non-profit or For profit fee will be applied based on the nature of the organization or business.)
2) Non-profit--$300
3) For profit--$500

List Selections Available:
1) All members
2) Domestic members
3) Domestic and Canadian members
4) International members

Address Format
All lists will be provided in an Excel format electronically and will only include members’ mailing addresses. The data provided for each member will include:

  • name
  • affiliation
  • address
  • membership status
No email addresses will be provided. 

The ASHE Office will provide the mailing list with the most current membership contact information. However, the ASHE Office cannot guarantee the accuracy or outcome of any mailing. The list will not include any member who has opted to not receive promotional materials or research requests.

Two Types:
1. Research Use:
ASHE is committed to supporting and advancing scholarship in the field of higher education. To that end, the following guidelines and procedures have been put in place for members interested in accessing ASHE’s membership for research and assessment purposes.
  1. Elements of the application include:
    1. One page description of the purpose of the study (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application)
      1. The purpose of the study must have a connection to ASHE’s mission and purposes. Research requests must fit with the mission and purpose of ASHE ( and comply with ASHE’s statement on diversity and ethical principles (
      2. Identification of who is being accessed (all ASHE members or subgroups)
    2. Copy of IRB proposal and approval along with statement of anticipated risks if not included in IRB application (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application). Each request must include IRB approval document. Review of research requests will not include making judgments on the quality and rigor of the study as this is evidenced by the researcher’s home institutional review procedures and IRB approval.
    3. Name of faculty advisor and contact information (if student requester)
    4. Timeline and duration of project. Research must be conducted within a year’s time.
    5. Agreement to compliance with research ethics and non-discrimination statements.
    6. The application request must provide assurance that ASHE members will not be unreasonably burdened by research participation requests.
All requests from ASHE members will be treated equally without regard to leadership or membership status. 

2. Promotional Use
Elements of the application include:
  1. A letter stating the descriptions of the purpose of the promotion, connection of proposed promotion to ASHE’s mission and ethical principles, and timeline  (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application)
  2. A copy of the proposed mailing (saved as a PDF and uploaded to the application)

Review and Approval Process
Applications will be reviewed by the ASHE Office and if needed, by ASHE’s legal counsel. All requesters will receive a confirmation of receipt. If the proposal meets all criteria, and the number of requests has not exceeded the maximum three (3) per semester, the office will approve requests. The ASHE Office has instituted the three requests per semester in order to provide assurance to ASHE members that they will not be unreasonably burdened by research participation requests. 

Under typical circumstances, applicants should receive a decision within one week. In more complicated requests, or when the ASHE legal counsel is consulted, the time may be extended and in such cases, the submitter will be notified.

Requests to communicate with ASHE members via ASHE listservs will not be approved as listservs are primarily an informational vehicle for the association.

Terms and Conditions
Once approved, those receiving the mailing list should use it only within these stated policies. 

For Research Purposes: In addition, all letters of invitation to study participants must include language that the study has been approved by an appropriate IRB board and that the research has been internally approved by ASHE.

For Promotional Purposes: An approval letter will be signed by the ASHE Office outlining all expectations and requirements, including the one-time use of the list, the purpose for the mailing, timeline, and accuracy of the list. 

Opting Out:
ASHE will honor any member who wants to opt-out on any mailing list through their membership application or renewal form.