Inclusion, Equity, and Org Diversity

The ASHE Statement on Inclusion, Equity, and Organizational Diversity was approved at the May 30, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting.

Like the various institutions, organizations, and professional communities that ASHE members represent, our association is a byproduct of the colonial university system. ASHE recognizes this history and the importance of reckoning with the past. We acknowledge that our work toward inclusion, equity, and organizational diversity requires an ongoing commitment.

ASHE is a diverse membership of scholars, educators, practitioners, and policymakers striving to promote inclusion in its membership across race, ethnicity, tribal/Indigenous affiliation, national origin, citizenship status, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion and the intersections across these identity markers. As an organization where representation matters, ASHE is strengthened by the contributions of each individual in an effort to collectively promote inclusion. ASHE continues to expand its goal of promoting inclusivity, by supporting the establishment of identity-based and special interest entities to address the constantly changing demographics of our field. ASHE consciously works toward inclusivity by implementing processes and procedures that ensure diverse representation throughout the association. Our commitment as an association means that we integrate the following into our bylaws, policies, and practices:

  • ASHE does not tolerate any form of discrimination and/or harassment among our membership based on people’s identities and intersecting/interlocking systems of privilege and oppression

  • ASHE will address harm when it occurs and take ownership when we are responsible for causing the harm

  • ASHE will work to ensure diverse representation among leadership

  • ASHE will endeavor to cultivate thoughtful and critical engagement opportunities and professional development for our members 

  • ASHE will voice a collective stance against policies designed to harm the most vulnerable in higher education

  • ASHE will promote the diverse and relevant research of our members, where appropriate, to the wider public, particularly in an effort to foster greater understanding and approaches to inclusion, equity, and diversity 

  • ASHE will annually assess and evaluate our inclusion, equity, and diversity efforts for continuous improvement.
  • ​ASHE will cultivate a culture of interdependence, access, and collaboration rather than a strict reliance on individual processes of disclosure and accommodation
  • ASHE will offer land acknowledgments to honor and pay respect to Indigenous Peoples, recognize that the places where we live, work, and engage as an Association are on stolen land, and engage in relationship building practices to resist ongoing colonialism 

  • ASHE will actively seek solutions to dismantle structural oppression within our association and the broader higher education landscape

As an organization that strives to be inclusive and equitable, ASHE is committed to accountability in its policies, programs, and practices. In addition to the diligent recruitment of qualified persons representing the full diversity of the membership of the association, every standing committee and entity should focus on empowerment and inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives in conducting the association’s work. As practicable, the association:

  • will work with vendors, both in contracting and procurement, that have affirmative action policies and practices, as well as policies and practices that align with those of the association in relation to inclusion, equity, and diversity. 

  • will consider the history and current practices of the vendor with regard to diversity before entering into contracts, including conference facilities agreements, and locations for association programming

  • will not knowingly enter into agreements, whereby intent or practice, there is a demonstrated insensitivity to the principles of non-discrimination and inclusion. 

The board of directors and ASHE members shall abide by and act in accordance with the core values of inclusion, equity, and organizational diversity as outlined in this statement. At the first meeting of any new ASHE Board of Directors, they shall review the commitments as proposed by the Inclusion, Equity, and Organizational Diversity (IEOD) Committee; act upon them; and share them publicly with the membership.


The Inclusion, Equity, and Organizational Diversity (IEOD) Committee is responsible for:

  • the implementation of the Association’s IEOD Statement and Commitments
  • any related policies to implement this statement (including integrating IEOD standards into existing policies)
  • annual reporting of the Association’s IEOD work to the membership
  • convening leaders of ASHE’s Committees and recognized Entity Groups to provide an annual Association-wide report on IEOD initiatives and efforts to the membership as reported by the entity groups and committees
The committee consists of:
  1. a chair who will serve a one-year term as chair (with a three year term total: 1 year as vice chair; 1 year as chair; and 1 year as past chair) *The Chair will also serve as a voting member of the ASHE Board of Directors and ASHE Board of Directors Executive Committee
  2. a vice-chair who will serve a one-year term as vice-chair (with a three year term total: 1 year as vice chair; 1 year as chair; and 1 year as past chair)
  3. a past chair who will serve a one-year term as past chair (with a three year term total: 1 year as vice chair; 1 year as chair; and 1 year as past chair)
  4. a Board member who will serve a one-year term
  5. a graduate student member of the Association who will serve a one-year term
  6. two other members who will serve a three-year term
  7. The Executive Director (or their appointee) will serve on this committee ex-officio and non-voting.