CPPHE Excellence in Public Policy Higher Education Award

This award recognizes excellence in work at the nexus of academic scholarship and policy practice. The inaugural award was given during the 2013 CPPHE pre-conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The seventh award was given during the 2019 CPPHE pre-conference in Portland, Oregon. Both individuals and organizations are eligible for this award.
Selection Criteria
Individuals being considered for the award must demonstrate Scholarly or Practitioner excellence at the nexus of academic scholarship and policy practice (an individual does not need to demonstrate excellence in both categories). Occasionally an individual may demonstrate excellence in both categories in which case nominations should describe how the individual’s scholarly and practitioner efforts work together to advance public policy. The following criteria will be used to evaluate individuals for this award:
  1. Criteria used to determine scholarly excellence.
    • Research that advances evidenced-based public policies and equity-focused public policy.
    • Publication in high-impact journals as well as widely-read open access journals.
    • Authorship of scholarly book(s) focused on public policy.
    • Keynote addresses and presentations at scholarly conferences and convenings.
    • Efforts to translate research into policy recommendations.
    • Collaboration with students on research.
  2. Criteria used to determine practitioner excellence.
    • Commitment to building collaborative relationships with organizations and/or other practitioners. 
    • Mentorship of emerging policy scholars and practitioners. 
    • Public scholarship in the form of legislative testimonies, policy briefs, white papers, data visualizations, fact sheets, opinion pieces, social media engagement, and other efforts to encourage evidenced-based public policy.
    • Invited keynote and public speaking addresses.
Organizations being considered for the award must hold nonprofit status. University/college research centers, foundations, think tanks, and other organizations are eligible for this award. The following selection criteria will be used to evaluate organizations for this award.
  • Leadership in federal and/or state policy design and implementation. 
  • Boundary-spanning collaboration that brings diverse stakeholders including academic researchers, policymakers, and nonprofit organizations together to advance evidence-based public policy.
  • Research or writing that identifies evidenced-based recommendations for public policy. 
  • Diverse organizational staff that includes diversity of cultural, religious, ability, gender, immigrant, and racial identities and statuses.
  • Evidence of cultivation of emerging policy leaders, especially those holding diverse identities. 
  • Evidence of equity-focused policy leadership.

Call for Nominations

Nominations are due July 1, Noon Pacific. EXTENDED TO JULY 6, 2020, 8:00AM PACIFIC

To submit a nomination you will need:

  • Nominator name, title, position, institution/organization, email, and phone number 
  • Nominations for individuals should include the individual’s title, position, institution/organization, email address, phone number, Twitter handle (if applicable), personal website (if applicable) 
  • Nominations for organizations should include the organization’s name, email address, phone number, website, Twitter handle (if applicable)
  • A nomination letter (500 word maximum) articulating how the individual or organization meets the selection criteria. Citations of relevant articles, publications, media stories, invited lectures, etc., should be included at the end of the nomination and will not count towards the word maximum.

2019 CPPHE Excellence in Public Policy in Higher Education Award:
Paul Lingenfelter, State Higher Education Executive Officers Association

"Paul Lingenfelter has been an active and steady voice in the field of public policy for higher education for decades. Paul has been a leading voice on state higher education finance and state leadership and governance for higher education. For 13 years Paul served as the president of the State Higher Education Executive Officers organization (SHEEO)."
*In addition to being recognized during the ASHE Awards Ceremony, Lingenfelter will be recognized during the CPPHE Pre-Conference.

2018 CPPHE Award Winners

Nicholas Hillman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

2017 CPPHE Award Winner

Laura W. Perna, University of Pennsylvania

2016 CPPHE Award Winner

Education Policy Center at the University of Alabama

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