Call for Volunteers

The Proposal Submission and Volunteer Application Deadline has been extended to Monday, April 26 at Noon Pacific. Click here for more info.

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All volunteers (i.e., reviewers, chairs, and discussants) must be current ASHE members at their time of service.


Reviewers are needed to evaluate proposals in all conference sections. Reviewers ensure the quality and integrity of the conference program. Ideally, they also provide ASHE members a valuable service by providing concrete feedback on their work, regardless of whether or not a paper is accepted to the conference. The Program Committee will make every effort to ensure that reviewers receive proposals related to their area(s) of expertise in topic and/or method. At times, however, reviewers may be assigned as a “higher education generalist” reviewer who understands the general context of higher education and research methods, but may not have expertise in the specific topic or method. Ideally, at least two of the three assigned reviewers will have knowledge in the topic and/or method, if not all three.
Interactive Symposia, Self-Designed Paper Sessions, Research Papers, Scholarly Papers, and PVDS sessions will be assigned 3 reviewers, at least 2 doctoral/terminal degree holders (e.g. PhD, EdD, JD, etc.) and no more than one doctoral candidate. Roundtables and Posters sessions will be assigned 2 reviewers, with at least 1 doctoral/terminal degree holder and no more than to 2 graduate students. As such, all ASHE members may apply to be a reviewer.
In order to strengthen the pool of available reviewers, ASHE members who are terminal degree holders (e.g., Ed.D., J.D., Ph.D.) and who are listed as an author on any research or scholarly papers proposal will be required to review at least three proposals. 

Session Chairs and Discussants

The Program Committee will assign session chairs and discussants to each research and scholarly paper session. 

Session Chairs facilitate the session by introducing speakers, keeping time, and moderating post-presentation discussion. Prior to the conference, chairs should coordinate communication among the presenters and ensure that authors have uploaded the papers to the ASHE Conference Portal on time. Chairs do not need to be a doctoral/terminal degree holder; this is especially a great volunteer opportunity for graduate students. ‚Äč

Discussants play an integral role in the quality of the annual conference. They read the papers in advance of the conference, provide oral and written feedback to authors at the session, and offer comments that inform and integrate the papers in the larger session. The discussant’s comments should last about ten minutes. Critiques of individual papers should be framed constructively to assist the author(s) with revisions for publication. Discussant comments are most helpful when they integrate and emphasize how the paper topics, theories, study designs, and methods reveal or obscure important knowledge or ways of understanding key issues in the field.

Discussants must be a doctoral/terminal degree holder.

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