Professional Development

ASHE offers a variety of professional development events. While these events are usually part of the in-person conference, for 2021 (as with 2020) all events will be virtual. Some events will offer optional in-person networking/socializing options.

For questions about any of these events, please feel free to reach out to the event chair(s) listed on the event page and/or to the ASHE Staff at

Research Methods Workshop Series
4 Workshops between August & October

The ASHE Research Methods Workshops are intended as a space for ASHE members to engage with and explore cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in ways that center critical methods and inquiry in research. Each workshop will be led by leading scholars in the field and will challenge participants to expand their methodological imagination.

Workshops include:
  • Reciprocity in Higher Education Research (August 20)
  • Utilizing and Teaching Critical Approaches to Quantitative Research (September 10)
  • Community College Research (October 8)
  • Visual & Digital Performance Methods Workshop (October 15)

Navigating Your Network: Policy Mapping & Building Relationships
Thursday, September 23
11:00am-1:30pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

ASHE has partnered with the Scholars Strategy Network to offer this introduction to effective strategies to ensure that researcher’s findings and perspectives inform policy. The workshop provides evidence-based instructions for how to begin and maintain productive relationships with policymakers, how to engage with civic intermediaries in order to better reach policymakers, and what strategies are critical for creating mutual trust.

Early Career Faculty Workshop
Tuesday, September 28
1:00pm-5:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

The Early Career Faculty Workshop provides a diverse group of recently tenured faculty and senior scholars from around the country who share advice and expertise about how to craft and develop a research agenda, effectively teach and advise, earn tenure and promotion, and shape a successful and meaningful career. 
The Early Career Faculty Workshop is coordinated by the ASHE Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP).

International Scholars Workshop
Tuesday, October 5 & Wednesday, October 6
10:00am-1:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time (Both Days)

To support the nuanced and differed academic experience of international scholars in the U.S. and in alignment with the theme of the 2021 ASHE conference, we ask: How can we bring our whole selves into our scholarship, teaching, and career pursuit, in academia and in the job market? How do we deal with the visible and invisible walls that aim to limit our success? How do we center our lived knowledge and our Othered ways of knowing to unsettle the abyssal thinking in institutions of higher education and in our scholarly fields?  

Graduate Student Policy Seminar
Thursday, October 7
10:00am-4:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

The Graduate Student Policy Seminar provides graduate students with opportunities to interact with researchers and policymakers who are knowledgeable about critical public policy issues related to higher education. The seminar also offers participants an opportunity to engage other advanced graduate students with similar interests and ambitions from universities across the nation.

The Graduate Student Policy Seminar is coordinated by the ASHE Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE)

Council on International Higher Education (CIHE) Mentoring & Networking Program
Thursday, October 14
11:00am-1:30pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

The ASHE Council on International Higher Education (CIHE) hosts annual Mentoring and Networking for Early Career Scholars and Graduate Students, as well as more seasoned Scholars in connection with the ASHE CIHE Pre-Conference Forum. The main goal of the 2021 CIHE Virtual Mentoring and Networking Roundtables is to facilitate new connections and potential relationships between faculty, staff, researchers, and students who are interested in international and comparative higher education.

Council for Ethnic Participation (CEP) Mentor-Protege Program
Saturday, October 23
11:00am-3:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

The ASHE Council for Ethnic Participation (CEP) Mentor-Protege Program is intended to provide members of racially/ethnically minoritized populations with mutually beneficial mentoring relationships. This year we are excited to share that the MPP will transition to a new format of mentoring communities. To facilitate this process, groups of protégés will be matched with mentors based upon primary scholarly and professional interests, elements of shared identity, and intended mentorship goals.

ASHE & Athletics Pre-Conference
Wednesday, October 27
1:00pm-4:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

What are colonialism and nationalism and what has been their sociohistorical role in the rise of modern athletic capitalism in the neoliberal university? How do we do more to understand the role of place after our land acknowledgments in our teaching and research? Given the ASHE annual meeting location and theme, we take a particular focus on the wide range of Latinx athletes and AAPI athletes from island communities who have been impacted by colonialism in college sports and who have influence in disrupting these practices today.

Mid-Career Career Faculty Workshop
Wednesday, December 1
12:30pm-4:30pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

In this workshop, we strive to address the challenges faced by mid-career faculty members by focusing on two goals: 1) offer a counter-narrative of the mid-career stage by looking at the ways in which faculty members and/or institutions can assert themselves to find opportunities to support mid-career faculty within challenging contexts, and 2) provide the needed scaffolding and supports to help mid-career faculty members assume personal agency over this ill-defined stage of the faculty career.

The Mid-Career Faculty Workshop is coordinated by the ASHE Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP)

Academic Leaders Workshop
Thursday, December 2
12:00pm-4:00pm Atlantic/San Juan Time

This workshop addresses numerous challenges of business-oriented University leadership by engaging those who aspire to move, are moving into, or have moved into leadership positions, including program chairs, center directors, department chairs, dean’s office positions, or higher-level positions in discussions around leadership, management, continuing a scholarly agenda, balancing work and family life, conflict resolution, and working with difficult people.
The Academic Leaders Workshop is coordinated by the ASHE Council for the Advancement of Higher Education Programs (CAHEP)