CPPHE Pre-Con Forum


This event will be held in person in Las Vegas See https://www.ashe.ws/updates2022 for more information.


ASHE Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE) encourages the submission of proposals that examine the link between public policy and higher education. The CPPHE Pre-Conference Forum examines the role of higher education research in informing decision-making in the public policy arena, while simultaneously exploring how the places and spaces that higher education occupy shape how policies are formed, how policies are implemented, and how policies are evaluated. 

This year to align with the conference theme, we invite researchers to submit proposals which address the following prompts and questions from Joy Gaston Gayles statement on the 2022 conference theme: 

  • Many of us study complex problems and we often start by focusing on the problem. How do we shift our focus in solving complex problems by focusing on what matters to the people we study within our educational systems, particularly those who find themselves on the margins of society and education?
  • Humanizing higher education requires moving away from dehumanization to humanization, moving away from the marginality and the politics of invisibility to mattering and visibility, moving away from individualism towards collectivism, and moving away from violence towards healing. What policy research and innovations encourage this type of movement and progress?
  • The pandemic has caused many of us to stop, pause, reevaluate life, shift and reprioritize what is important to us, and to “see” each other. What lessons about policy have we learned and are learning during this period in world history? How do we embrace the opportunity to “come back” from the global health pandemic differently from how we entered it?

While we welcome all proposals that focus on higher education policy, we particularly encourage scholars to submit proposals that address the translation of policy research to policy action (including activism and advocacy), the responses of policymakers to natural disasters, the global pandemic, racial injustices, and other significant events that disrupted higher education, and the interaction among different levels of policymaking (local and state; state and federal; local and federal) to address timely higher education topics.  

The CPPHE Pre-Conference Forum provides participants the opportunity to explore and discuss significant public policy issues that affect higher education in the U.S at the local, state, and federal levels. CPPHE invites proposals from researchers, policymakers, and policy analysts for higher education policy-relevant research, scholarly papers, and symposia. Proposals that emphasize active dialogue and audience participation are particularly welcome. The CPPHE Pre-Conference Forum generally features more applied work than is found on the general conference program.

Please note that the CPPHE Pre-Conference Forum is different from the General Conference section Policy, Finance, and Economics. Authors can submit to either the general conference or the CPPHE Pre-Conference; however, the same proposal may not be submitted to both.
Proposal formats accepted
Research Paper Yes
Scholarly Paper Yes
Interactive Symposium Yes
Self- Designed Paper Session Yes
Performance, Visual, and Digital Scholarship No
Roundtable No*
Poster No*

*While CPPHE will not be accepting submissions for Roundtable or Posters, Research and Scholarly Paper authors are able to indicate if they would like to be considered for a Roundtable or Poster if we are unable to accept the proposal in a paper session. In this instance, the Roundtable or Poster will be included in the ASHE General Conference Roundtable or Poster Session. If a member is interested in submitting a Roundtable or Poster with a policy focus, we recommend submitting it to the Policy, Finance, and Economics Section of the General Conference.


Council on Public Policy on Higher Education (CPPHE) Pre-Conference Registration

 Early Registration: Through 8/5/22
11:59pm Pacific/Las Vegas Time
 Regular Registration:
8/6/22 - 10/15/22 11:59pm 
Pacific/Las Vegas Time
 Late Registration:
10/16/22-11/13/22 11:59pm 
Pacific/Las Vegas Time
General Member   80 100 130
Graduate Student Member 65 80 100
Retired, Emeritus, Part-Time, Post Doc 70 85 105
Non-Member 130 150 175


Wedneday, November 16
Welcome 08:00am-08:15am
Breakout Sessions 08:15am-09:30am
Breakout Sessions 09:45am-11:00am
Breakout Sessions 01:00pm-02:15pm
Breakout Sessions 02:30pm-03:45pm
Breakout Sessions 04:00pm-5:15pm
Awards Ceremony/Business Meeting 05:15pm -6:00pm

The final 2022 CPPHE Pre-Conference Schedule will be available in August 2022. 


Find the full schedule for the 2021 CPPHE Pre-Conference by clicking the button below:

If you missed the 2021 CPPHE Pre-Conference, you can purchase access at https://www.playbackashe.com/ through May 1, 2022.


CPPHE Pre-Conference Chair:
Kayla Elliott, kelliott@edtrust.org

If you have technical or logistical questions about submitting a proposal or the pre-conference:

  • Email ASHE Conference Staff at conference@ashe.ws
  • Call the ASHE Office at (202) 660-4106