Example Proposals

Review examples of successful conference proposals from the 2015 conference below:

*Special thanks to all proposal authors that agreed to share their work. The proposals listed below represent some of the highest ranked submissions from the 2015 conference.

Proposal Type: Research Paper

Research Paper submitted by:

  • Peter Magolda/Miami University of Ohio

Research Paper submitted by:

  • Jaime Lester/George Mason University
  • Carrie Klein/George Mason University

Research Paper submitted by:

  • Dongbin Kim/Michigan State University
  • Susan Twombly/University of Kansas
  • Lisa Wolf-Wendel/University of Kansas

Research Paper submitted by:

  • Noah D. Drezner/Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Maria Anderson-Long/ Teachers College, Columbia University

Proposal Type: Scholarly Paper

Scholarly Paper submitted by: 

  • Derek Hottell/Boston College
  • Heather Rowan-Kenyon/Boston College

Proposal Type: Self-Designed Paper Session

Note for Self-Design Paper Session proposals:
  • Self Designed Proposals should not have author identifying information listed.
  • The submission format has been updated to include -both- a 2,000 word abstract of the session and 300-word abstracts for each paper in the session. Please refer to the Call For Proposals for more information.

Self-Designed Paper (Formerly Topical Paper) submitted by: 

  • Lori Patton Davis/IUPUI
  • Natasha Croom/Iowa State University
  • Christa Porter/Michigan State University
  • Jennifer Johnson/Bowie State University
  • Kimberly Griffin/University of Maryland
  • Shawna Patterson/University of Pennsylvania
  • Chrystal George Mwangi/University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Jessica Harris/IUPUI
  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner/University of Wisconsin
  • Courtney Luedke/University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Carmen McCallum/Buffalo State

Proposal Type: Interactive Symposium

Interactive Symposium submitted by:

  • Linda Sax/UCLA
  • Lara Perez-Felkner/Florida State University
  • Lois Trautvetter/Northwestern University
  • Xueli Wang/University of Wisconsin Madison

Interactive Symposium submitted by:

  • Christine Nelson/The University of Arizona
  • Regina Deil-Amen/The University of Arizona
  • Natalie Youngbull/The University of Arizona
  • Amanda Tachine/The University of Arizona
  • Jenny Lee/The University of Arizona
  • Karen Francis-Begay/The University of Arizona
  • Gary Rhoades/The University of Arizona

Proposal Type: Poster

Poster submitted by:

  • Ryan Hudes/Seton Hall University
  • Katherine Aquino/Seton Hall University

Proposal Type: Roundtable

Roundtable submitted by:

  • Dan Gianoutsos/University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Brandy Smith/University of Nevada, Las Vegas