Syllabus Clearing House

ASHE/CAHEP joins ACPA and NASPA in expanding the Syllabus Clearinghouse, a source for sharing timely resources and engaging assignments. The Clearinghouse is located at
Sharing syllabi with colleagues is critical to advancing the knowledge base in the field. 
We would like to expand our resources to include ideas on decolonizing the syllabus and examples of transforming assignments and projects to hybrid or on-line contexts.
To contribute (or update) your syllabi, please save each syllabus as an individual PDF file, and send them to: Syllabi will be assigned to folders according to course topic(s). All course topics are welcome. We continue to need syllabi in the following categories: Capstone Experience, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Community Colleges, History of Higher Education, and Law & Governance. 
Thanks for your support of the Syllabus Clearinghouse!